Green Algorithm

The currency follows a hybrid Proof-of-Importance/Proof-of-Stake algorithm to ensure there is a fair wealth distribution while rewarding individuals who support green merchants, consumers, activists, innovators, activists, and thinkers in the green movement.

Energy Efficient

To combat the problem of using too much energy to run a blockchain platform, our currency incentivizes using clean sources of energy such as wind, solar, hydropower, etc. to power its core functions.


To ensure decentralization of our currency and keep out central banks from corrupting it, the API is open-source to attract like-minded people who want to see real change in our economy and our environment through the creation of greener blockchain innovations

Secure Wallets

Our wallets are lightweight and allows for mining on any device including mobile devices. The biggest features of our wallets are that they don't need to be online to function, protected by a private key, and equipped with spam and virus protection.


CAP Currency stands for “Climate Awareness & Protection Currency”. Our cryptocurrency supports environmental and climate education along with disruptive green technologies. We believe a currency should protect Mother Nature while working to ensure our future. If a decentralized wealth distribution system that protects humanity speaks to you, please join us today.

CAP Currency is in development. Eco-minded individuals and green entities interested in joining or supporting CAP Currency should use our contact form. Thank you!

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